About Us

A Place to Learn Chinese

is a place specifically designed for the children willing to learn more about Chinese. As mothers living overseas, we realize that our children lose interest in learning Chinese because they could not understand the meaning of the words even though they know the Pinyin. Therefore, they would pick up English books instead of Chinese books for their reading time.

As Chinese native speakers, this is a place for us to share our reading and interpretation of fun stories, novels and fables in Chinese. It is a quiet and relaxing place. Let’s work together to help our children to know the elegance and richness of Chinese language.

Our Team

Claudia Yao

Ms. Yao is the founder of Daily Language. She acquired her Master degree of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China. Later she got M.B.A degree from University of Manchester, Alliance Business School.

She is full of entrepreneurial sprite and feels much fulfilled to put her effort on the all-round development of youngsters in the digital age.

Jacqueline Chang

Ms. Chang graduated from The Air-force Engineering University and majored in Industry Electric Automatization. She moved from Beijing to Singapore 8 years ago with her family. As an IT technician, she is fascinated by Chinese traditional arts and proficient in Chinese painting and seal cutting.

Ms. Chang is a native speaker of Chinese and holds strong foundation of Chinese literature and history.

Rebecca Zhang

Mother of two. Rebecca was graduated from Soochow University with major in English. She first migrated to Canada but moved to Singapore about 10 years ago. Native speaker of Mandarin and fluent in English. She also learned French during her stay in Montreal, Quebec.

Baking Pro and a talented chef in exploring all kinds of cuisine. Rebecca enjoys reading, traveling and cultural studies.